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dmz-karpaty Aerial platforms

Manufacture and sales of aerial platforms, autohydrolifts in Ukraine

JSC Research Mechanical Factory "Carpathians" - Factory producer crankshafts and telescopic autohydrolifts (autotowers AGW) with a height of lifting cradles 18, 22 and 28 are intended for lifting people with tools for carrying out construction or repair work at height. Our team of experts developed and telescoping tower auto AGP-18.04. Hydraulic attachments (aerial) can be installed on any car that meets specifications. The most popular are the family cars KAMAZ, ZIL, GAZ, URAL, MAZ, KRAZ.
The warranty period autotowers 2 years from the date of manufacture. To guarantee the safety of personnel working units units mounted hydraulic equipment provided by the twelve systems of protection.
The design of hydraulic lifts allows you to manage attachments as a cradle and a working platform and a remote control that provides ease of maintenance and repair.

Sale and manufacture of aerial platforms of the highest quality in Ukraine. Our factory specializes in the manufacture of crankshafts and telescopic aerial platforms AHM, AC, AP, ICP, APP with a lifting height of the cradle for 17, 18, 20, 22, 22m, 25, 27 and 28 meters. aerial platform sales selling aerial platform based on gas 3307 3309, ZIL 130 131, KAMAZ, GAZ 53, Ural, MAZ. Manufacturers of aerial platforms in Ukraine? Machine-Building Plant "Carpathian" perfect leader in the production and manufacture and sale of Articulated aerial platforms and telehandlers autohydrolifts. Buy aerial Ukraine. Want to buy a hoist? Please take into consideration all your wishes and requirements. Compare prices, see photos, videos and make the right choice. Your order our factory can manufacture special Truck (special), with increased security from the cradle of high current (voltage), as well as aerial fire. Ukraine, manufacture, sale and manufacture of aerial platforms.

Video, aerial platforms, Truck mounted hydraulic AGW-28 on the basis of KrAZ-250, and AGP-22 on the meringue ZIL 131

Video, aerial platforms, Truck mounted hydraulic

Video, aerial platforms, Truck mounted hydraulic AGW-28 on the basis of KrAZ-250, and AGP-22 on the meringue ZIL 131


dmz-karpaty Aerial platforms
Опытно-механический завод КАРПАТЫ