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Our company is ready to consider any proposal for the production of chemical, mining, non-standard equipment, steel structures, welded metal construction, silos, storage tanks, pressure vessels!

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JSC Engineering experienced Mechanical Factory "Karpaty"

 It is a modern machine building enterprise for more than 35 years of competitive products: chemical, mining, pumping equipment, tanks and reservoirs for the storage and transportation of crude oil, hydraulic lifts with lifting heights cots from 18 to 28 meters, cutting and stripping wheels, spare parts to chemical and mining equipment, winches for lifting and moving goods and consumer goods.
Currently, the plant has developed and manufactures unique, nonstandard manufacturing equipment for cement production by dry method (stacker, side scraper, paving scraper, flues, furnaces, fan housing). In this direction, cooperating with such international firms as "FLS" and "POLISIYS"

  The plant works with companies in various sectors of Ukraine and delivers them to its products:
Food industry: reactors, tanks, coils, machinery for the production of dry yeast bioreactors, screw conveyors and others.;
refining industry: capacity equipment for the assembly stations, tanks for the content of petroleum products in volume from 100 to 5000 m3, devices with vertical mixing devices;
Fuel and Energy Complex: Inertia screens, rollers, screw conveyors, conveyor belts, bronebolty;
Construction and other industries: hydraulic lifts with lifting height of the cradle 18 m, 22 m, 28 m; sandblasters of 150 and 350 liters, abrasive stripping and cutting wheels.
OJSC "Research Mechanical Factory" Carpathians "- a stable, functioning and reliable partner.


Ukraine, 81652 Lviv region.
Novy Rozdil Str. Jodorowsky, 4
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Карта-Украина-Львов-Новый Роздол

Welcome to the official website of the mechanical engineering pilot plant "Carpathian". Ukraine. Lions. Novi Rozdil.

Engineering an experienced Mechanical Factory - the official site of the plant for the production of non-standard equipment.
Company, Inc. manufacturer of steel mills, metal tank. Of production and manufacture of metal machinery manufacturer. Repair and Experimental Mechanics of boiler plant. Ltd., Engineering Technology Company experienced an experimental mechanical plant.
Machine building a pilot plant, plant site is the official site in Ukraine, Lviv engineering department.
dmz-karpaty Contacts
Опытно-механический завод КАРПАТЫ