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Our company is ready to consider any proposal for the production of chemical, mining, non-standard equipment, steel structures, welded metal construction, silos, storage tanks, pressure vessels!

dmz-karpaty Metal construction

Ukraine, plant "Karpaty". Manufacturing and production of metal constructions

Manufacturing and fabrication of metal structures on the order, the customer's drawings:

technological non-standard metal, non-standard equipment for the production of dry cement (stacker, scraper), tank steel, metal products, frameworks, solar panels, weldments


The factory of metal constructions, making the production of metal constructions, construction, load-bearing welded steel construction, production of metal products and structures, GOST, SNIP light metal construction. plant, the company, the producers for the production of metal Ukraine GOST steel metal steel. Izgotovlenie custom metal in Ukraine, ladders, welding, metal advertising, pavilions, towers, fences, sheds, hangars, supports special welded steel, support, arch. LLC plant metal, Inc. custom welded metal products, metal to order, manufacturing metal products to customer drawings. Company, Ltd. The factory steel tank, the main type of work carried out at the enterprise: welding, manufacture of metal structures, machining, milling, milling, metal working, metal bending, plasma cutting. Metal products, metal frame, metal structures, metal products to order, metal, weldments, metal processing. manufacturing, welding, metal sales, Light, technological, welded steel truss plant processing non-ferrous metals, sandblasting, mechanical, lathes, milling, machining, sheet metal processing, metal processing services. Machining metal parts, welded structures, production of welded structures, steel structures, plant metal fabrication, production.

Equipment for cement industry


Research Mechanical Factory "Carpathian" has extensive experience in the manufacture of various non-standard technology and large-sized equipment for the cement industry. This may be of different metal shell furnaces, motors, flues, scraping sides, bridge, stacker, tripper, scraper, side scraper, stacker. Bucket conveyor, screw, belt, crushers of various types and modifications.



Repair of railway and tank wagons

OJSC "Research Mechanical Factory" Carpathian "has a detached workshop area (6 thousand m2) a specialized repair of railway rolling stock, provided with access roads and rail factory, metal shop and paint department overhaul railroad tank cars and freight cars .


Plant of metal constructions in Ukraine (Steelwork Plant)

Plant of metal constructions in Ukraine (Steelwork Plant) One of the most famous producers in Ukraine of high-quality metal constructions (steelwork, steel structures) and non-standard equipment is an experimental mechanical plant "Carpathians"






Mobile communications tower, meteorological tower, column of wind turbines, turrets, masts.

Mobile communications tower, meteorological tower, column of wind turbines, turrets, masts

metal structures designed to stir the antenna-feeder devices, mobile phone towers (masts for base stations of mobile communication), telecommunication towers (steel structures for broadcasting), meteovyshki, supports wind turbine









Ukraine.Production of welded metal strucrures and frames

Metal Fabrication of varying complexity, technological, non-standard metal to order and the customer's drawings.








dmz-karpaty Metal construction
Опытно-механический завод КАРПАТЫ