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dmz-karpaty Metal construction Repair of railway and tank wagons in Ukraine

Repair of railway and tank wagons in Ukraine

 OJSC "Research Mechanical Factory" Carpathian "has a detached workshop area (6 thousand m2) a specialized repair of railway rolling stock, provided with access roads and rail factory, metal shop and paint department overhaul railroad tank cars and freight cars .

Shop and factory in the whole of today owns and operates a wide range of metalworking equipment. Lathes and milling machines, gas and plasma cutting technology training materials, all kinds of welding technology and quality control in certified Institute. BE Paton and Goskomohrantruda, blacksmith forging and stamping production, and more than 35 years of experience of the plant's domestic and foreign markets (Italy, Denmark, Russia, Poland, Germany, etc.) guarantee excellent quality products.

Ukraine Capital and depot repair is carried out for the following types of freight cars: Hopper - mineral fertilizer, pellet, cement, grain, platform neftebenzinovyh tanks, tank for viscous oil, Vinaya tank. Tank-thermos to transport wine. Hopper-wagons for transportation of fertilizer and dry bulk (cement, grain, stone, ores, coal). Tanks neftebenzinovye to transport heavy oil products (gasoline, oil, butter). Tanks for the different types of fluids and chemicals (liquid sulfur). Wagons for transportation of hot pellets and sinter, platforms, tanks soda factory for repair of railway wagons (x e, g / d) tanks, boiler tank. Overhaul (depot) repair of railway wagons. Current, planned repairs freight railway cars in Ukraine.

dmz-karpaty Metal construction Repair of railway and tank wagons in Ukraine
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