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Our company is ready to consider any proposal for the production of chemical, mining, non-standard equipment, steel structures, welded metal construction, silos, storage tanks, pressure vessels!

dmz-karpaty Metalworking

Machine-Building Plant "Carpathians" Metalworking, machining, CNC turning and milling work. Bending, cutting, welding, turning, milling metal.

Metalworking (machining) is performed on various machine tools of any complexity on the customer's specifications. In our metalworking machine tools - milling machines, lathes, drilling machines.
Machining (machining), machine parts, gears, sprockets, shafts, cups, cylinders, worm gears, housings.
Milling (milling, milling) for different types of milling machines, knee milling, lengthwise milling, gear cutting, vertical, horizontal, shirokouniversalnyh and CNC.
Turning, metal turning on the horizontal and vertical machining, turning, boring, turning, revolving, turning, screw cutting and boring, CNC.
Drilling on vertical drilling, radial drilling, horizontal drilling, boring and drilling machines with CNC.
Grinding - on various circular and surface grinding machines. Accuracy of grinding - IT 7 - IT 9 roughness in metal to RA.0, 32.

OAO, ZAO, LLC, the official site experienced engineering plant Karpaty Ukraine. Workshop of an engineering plant, OMZ Ukraine, Common experimental machine-building plant.

Mechanical engineering metallurgy, ferrous metallurgy, machine-building complex Mashinostroitel.
ooo Plant CNC metalworking machinery in order. Businesses metal, metal production, the site center shop enterprise engineering and metalworking. metal lathe, welding. Requires looking for work and services for metalworking.
Machining metal parts, trebuets service order for CNC machining requires accurate machining of metal parts on CNC machines.
Service machining, machining shop. Resistance welding, argon arc welding of metal aluminum steel, spot, argon welding. Manual arc welding, seam welding stainless steel, semi-automatic. Welding arc cutting, cast iron, auto seam, welding techniques, submerged arc welding, parts, submerged, joints. Welding, constructions, copper, point contact body, stainless steel, stainless steels, welding in protective gases, gases in the environment. Ukraine cooking and cutting of metals, copper, titanium welding in carbon dioxide from the automatic sheet, seam, argon arc. Milling of metal on CNC cylinder head, the types of frezerovok hand, milling of aluminum. Services for milling materials, cylinder heads, grooves. Metal processing, metal products made of stainless steel machining, milling, metal milling, tokarka, metal. Turning work manufacture of metal, non-standard metal in Ukraine, Lviv-Kyiv. Milling techniques - hand terminal, cylindrical cold face milling parts of slots, the metal teeth keyed holes planes. Milling End Mills, End Mills Turning and milling on the reservation in Ukraine. Metalworking lathes milling according to the drawings, the implementation of milling operations. Milling milling metal processing, metal processing, stamping. Bending metal cutting, turning, machining metal parts, metal plasma cutting of metal. Metal milling, turning, tokarka lathes and milling machines at work.

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dmz-karpaty Metalworking
Опытно-механический завод КАРПАТЫ