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Our company is ready to consider any proposal for the production of chemical, mining, non-standard equipment, steel structures, welded metal construction, silos, storage tanks, pressure vessels!

dmz-karpaty Storage tanks, pressure vessels

Production and manufacture storage tanks, pressure vessels and boiler

Research Mechanical Factory "Karpaty" for over 35 years producing reservoirs and tanks for chemical, petrochemical and food industries.

Tanks and tanks manufactured by our company are themselves of various types and forms: vertical, horizontal, underground, surface, cylindrical, rectangular, with conical or flat-bottomed, single-and double-walled. Tanks and containers are manufactured according to European standards and norms of GOST with subsequent testing of welds, flaw detection method and the processing tanks and vessels against corrosion.

This capacity equipment for the assembly stations, tanks for oil content of oil products in volume from 2 to 5000 m3, reactors, vertical apparatus with mixing devices, equipment for the production of dry yeast bioreactors, et al.; For lubricants (POL): Fuel (gasoline, diesel), fuel oil, petroleum and petroleum products. Apply at the gas station and oil refinery plants for storage and transportirovki.Zapadnaya Ukraine, Lviv.
Tanks for gas - LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), liquefied petroleum gas, liquid nitrogen, propane, nitrogen, methanol, and oxygen. (May be with a mixing device): Tanks and containers for bulk: for the storage of grain and powder of different fractions. The company is constantly introducing new advanced technologies to improve production of new types of reservoir and reservoir construction
Manufacture of tanks on the drawings or technical requirements zakazchika.Rezervuary model - production of tanks for model projects (TA).
Unconventional reservoirs for all manufacturing industries in Ukraine, in Lviv.
Tanks can be manufactured single-section and two sections.
Before proceeding to the construction, n roektirovanie and structural analysis - the first and most important stage in the production of tanks. The complexity of the design depends on many factors, in particular, on the purpose and method of operation for future capacity. The basis for the design of a sketch or drawing provided by the customer. In addition to the dimensions and design features, you must provide additional features or service. Ukraine.
Ukrainian Plant Karpaty Lviv, we produce containers and metal containers of various shapes: cylindrical, rectangular, with conical or flat bottom. The tanks are made of metal with both legs, and without. According to reports received from the customer data was calculated: selected wall thickness, picked up the bottom of the form suitable for data loads, the type of supports, etc.
Kinds and types: tanks, technology, food processing, collecting, receiving, storage, open, two-chambered, cylindrical, rectangular, industrial.
Kinds and types: Food, a container with a stirrer, a separator, diesel (a diesel), drain and blend. Fuel, oil (for oil, fuel, oil fuel oil) petrol, chemical, industrial gases, under gas nitrogen. Welded to the chassis of the tank train.
Abbreviation respectively, G-horizontal, vertical B-, P-rodzemnye, H-terrestrial en enn, en RVS, pr rgsp rgsn CSG. For storing petroleum products (petrol), diesel fuel, diesel fuel, gasoline, oil, fuel oil, diesel oil. Gas - LPG for liquefied gas storage of liquid nitrogen, propane, methanol, and oxygen. Bulk storage tanks, food, grain, powder.
Capacity to store the liquid sulfuric acid solution, vegetable oil, waste oil, cement, aggressive environments. For water, wastewater, kvass anion water, liquid soap, fire, carbon dioxide, alcohol, fuel tank for fuel, a septic tank. Production, manufacturing, welding and sale of containers (tanks, barrels, large capacity) Standard price. Manufacture of food containers made of stainless steel, stainless steel, metal, metal, food, steel, metal, iron, and graph the tank train. Ukraine, Lviv region.

Water Tower. Manufacturing and construction of water towers in Ukraine.

Production of metal towers RozhnovskogoWater Tower Rozhnovskogo, which is a structure made of steel tank and a metal support, is designed to store water with its adjustable pressure and flow in the water distribution system. Most often, the water tower tank is made of rectangular or round shape, the ratio between the diameter and height of which depends on the individual architectural and technological parameters.


Production of the silos and bunkers in Ukraine

The most commonly used cylindrical silos for storage of cement, grain, flour, sand, mixed mortar and other loose materials and substances. For asphalt production and storage of fertilizer is often used steel silos (bunkers), rectangular shape that allows convenient loading without the use of funnels. Our company also manufactures equipment and components to the silo, it can be conveyors, tanks, tank, ladder, serving platforms, hardware and frames for various purposes.





Tanks and storage tanks for petroleum and oil products.

Tanks and reservoirs for storage and transportation of crude oil and petroleum products (gasoline, diesel fuel) can be a variety of styles and forms: vertical, horizontal, underground, surface, cylindrical, rectangular, with conical or flat-bottomed, single-and double-walled, with a volume of 2 5000 м3




Vertical apparatus (reactors, tanks, storage tanks) with a mixing device. Manufacturing and production in Ukraine

Designed for a variety of technological processes in liquid-phase and multiphase media with a dynamic viscosity not greater than 5.0 Pa * s, density 2000 kg/m3, up to 16 m3, working pressure up to 0,6 MPa. Made of carbon and corrosion resistant steels and alloys. The devices can be welded together and split, with elliptical and flat bottoms, with a frame and turbine agitators, with the beam or heating coil. Apparatuses with mechanical intermixing devices




Metal fuel tanks.





Can be double-hulled, single and multi-sectional for the simultaneous storage of several types of petroleum products. Produced with applied waterproofing coating the outer surface.


Sandblaster AP-150 AP-350



Intended for cleaning of air-blasting method of inner and outer surfaces of rust, paint, scale, various pollutants, etc. It is also used for frosting glass.




dmz-karpaty Storage tanks, pressure vessels
Опытно-механический завод КАРПАТЫ