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Our company is ready to consider any proposal for the production of chemical, mining, non-standard equipment, steel structures, welded metal construction, silos, storage tanks, pressure vessels!

dmz-karpaty Storage tanks, pressure vessels Water Tower Rozhnovskogo. Manufacturing and construction of water towers in Ukraine

Water Tower. Manufacturing and construction of water towers in Ukraine.

Water Tower Rozhnovskogo , is a structure of steel tank and a metal support, is designed to store water with its adjustable pressure and flow in the water distribution system. Most often, the water tower tank is made of rectangular or round shape, the ratio between the diameter and height of which depends on the individual architectural and technological parameters. The volume of the reservoir, as well as the height of the support is determined according to calculations the water distribution network. A water tower Rozhnovskogo may have a capacity of 10-50 cubic meters. and stem height of the tower from 10 to 18 meters (you can choose to manufacture the water tower of any size and height), equipped with a system of pipes for drainage and water supply system as well as determining the current water level. To protect the supply of water from contamination and freezing tank tower is surrounded by special protection. The flow of water into the tower by using the pumps. In the production of water towers on our company uses materials of special quality. We use steel, which has been certified in compliance with the requirements of GOST and DSTU. Another requirement, performed at our plant, is quality control of manufactured products, which is carried out at each stage of production. Mandatory testing for strength and density are welds. Also, special attention is paid to anti-corrosion coating, both internal and external surface of the tank. The outer and inner surface of the tank is covered with anti-corrosion compounds, polyurethane paints, primers, enamel, food only proven manufacturers. All products have a quality certificate and passport.

The metal water towers Rozhnovskogo. Production, manufacturing, selling water towers Rozhnovskogo


Our company, possessing the necessary production facilities, manufactures steel and metal water towers of any complexity. Perhaps the production of water towers as on typical projects, and on the individual customer's specifications. Before you buy or order a water tower is necessary to clarify the important parameters that affect the price, namely the capacity of the reservoir, the height of the barrel, the thickness of the tower, the presence of ladders, hatches or manholes, and whether you want to piping and installation of additional equipment. Our specialists will provide operational cost calculation of the necessary capacity and its installation.


Here you can buy and order the steel, metal, stainless water tower which can be used in the country, the private sector, enterprises, hotels, coffee shops, gas station. It is also possible repair of steel towers, welding, milling. What is the cost of the water tower, price, pictures, specifications can be found by sending us an official request to the email address of the plant. Production of metal towers in Ukraine, Lviv, Kyiv, Ternopil, Vinnytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Rivne, Lutsk.

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