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dmz-karpaty Storage tanks, pressure vessels Sandblaster AP-150 AP-350

Sandblaster AP-150 AP-350

Intended for cleaning of air-blasting method of inner and outer surfaces of rust, paint, scale, various pollutants, etc. It is also used for frosting glass.
 principle of the sandblaster or sandblasting (Abrasive blasting equipment): used in abrasive (as a fraction of abrasives used, electrolytically, lead or glass beads and more.) Under the influence of the air flow fed into the pipeline system and at high speed through the nozzle thrown into the workpiece surface. This results in removing from it all possible contaminants. The most commonly used apparatus for sandblasting of the metal.

№   Volume, l Maximum operating pressure, MPa cleaning performance, m2/hour packaging costs for sand nozzles ED = 8 mm, kg/m2 packaging costs of air, m3/min
1 150 / 350 0,6 10-12 30 3,6






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