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Our company is ready to consider any proposal for the production of chemical, mining, non-standard equipment, steel structures, welded metal construction, silos, storage tanks, pressure vessels!

Production, manufacture and sale: storage tanks, pressure vessels, boiler. Steel structures, welded metal construction, conveyor. Mounted auto hydraulic lift, lever telescopic car lift, aerial platform

Experimental Mechanical Plant Experimental Mechanical Plant

JSC Experimental Mechanical Plant "Carpathians" is a mechanical engineering firm which has over 35 years produces the markets of Europe and the CIS: chemical, mining, pumping, not standard equipment.
 Factory "Carpathians" shall cooperate with the enterprises of Ukraine, CIS, Europe, and provides them with the following products:

  • petrochemical industry: tanks for the assembly stations, tanks for the content of petroleum products in volume from 2 to 5000 m 3, the vertical apparatus with mixing devices;
  • Food Industry: vessels, reactors, coils, equipment for production of dry yeast, bio-reactors, screw conveyors and others.;
  • construction and other industries: hydraulic lifts, abrasive stripping and cutting wheels, Sanding machines of 150 and 350 liters .
  • Fuel and Energy Complex: Inertia screens, rollers, conveyors, conveyor belts, armor-bolts;



Storage tanks and pressure vessels from 2 to 5000 m3

There are themselves diverse types and forms: vertical, horizontal, underground and surface, cylindrical, rectangular, with conical or flat-bottomed, single-and double-walled. Tanks and containers are manufactured according to European standards and norms of the guest with the subsequent control of welded seams, the method of fault detection and treatment of reservoirs and tanks corrosion resistant coating.

Tanks and containers for liquids used in gas stations and oil plants for storage and transportation of fuels and lubricants (POL): fuels (gasoline, diesel), fuel oil, petroleum and petroleum products.
 tanks of gas - LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), liquefied gas, liquid nitrogen, propane, nitrogen, methanol, oxygen (can be with a mixing device).
 tanks and reservoirs for bulk: for the storage of grain and powder of different fractions.

Steel structures, welded metal construction:


Production of non-standard, prefabricated, welded steel, according to customer's specifications or drawings. In the manufacture of metal construction includes such activities: metal cutting, blasting metal, machined metal (machining): 




  •  turning parts up to 12000 mm in diameter and up to 1250 mm;
  • mechanical rotary machining of parts with diameter up to 3150 mm and a height of 1000 mm;
  • milling with dimensions 1000x1800 mm;
  • boring parts with dimensions 1700h1900 mm;
  • internal grinding, round grinding and flat grinding;
  • Processing flanges up to 100 mm PN = 1.6 MPa (in the aggregate machine)


The bucket conveyor.

Load-carrying body of the bucket conveyor are buckets, the axis of the suspension which passes through the middle point, which allows them to swing, for the transportation of bulk materials (coal, gravel, slag, clinker, cement)
Screw (auger) conveyor.
Consists of a trough and placed it in the Archimedean screw, used for solids.

Conveyor belt.

Consists of a ring belt, tensioner and driving drums and the support rollers, usually used for transporting bulk solids, possible modifications (tubular, z-shaped, rotating at 90 and 180 degrees).
Apron feeders.

Load-carrying body of the plate conveyor are the plate. possible modification is the chain plate conveyor which consists of two parallel chains of interconnected plates.

Chain conveyor.

Conveyor consists of troughs and pig-mounted on a circular chain, unloading can be carried out at the end of the conveyor and through the holes in the gutter.

Roller Conveyor.

Roller conveyor consists of a frame mounted on rollers, some spots could set in motion, or the entire frame is located on a slope, as is the case with gravity roller conveyor, used for large solid objects.


Mounted auto hydraulic lift, lever telescopic car lift, aerial platform

 Manufacture and sale of hydraulic lifts, aerial platform with a crank height lifting cradles 18, 22, 28 are designed for lifting people with a tool for construction and installation or repair work at height. Our team of experts developed and telescopic tower auto AGP-18.04. Hydraulic attachments (hoist) can be mounted on any vehicle in accordance with specifications. The most popular are the family cars KAMAZ, ZIL, GAZ, URAL, MAZ, KRAZ.
 warranty service of mounted auto hydraulic lift, lever telescopic car lift is 2 years from the date of manufacture. To guarantee the safety of personnel working subassemblies mounted hydraulic equipment provided by the twelve systems of protection.
 design of hydraulic lifts enables management of attachments like a cradle and the working platform, and with a remote control that provides ease of maintenance and repairs.

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